Welcome to Anti Caste Discrimination Alliance (ACDA)

ACDA welcomes you to its website and looks forward to your support in ridding society of the Caste Discrimination in the UK and around the world.

ACDA is an umbrella body, formed in 2008, for a number of groups and organisation who are working to eliminate Caste Discrimination. We work by introducing a degree of co-ordination between likeminded groups and organisations and where necessary, providing strategic direction. A range of volunteers and supporters, all with a wide organisational and professional skills set, each work within ACDA to achieve the aim of exposing and ultimately ridding society of Caste prejudices.

Working with like minded organisations sharing our values and having similar aims, as an umbrella body we aim to co-ordinate efforts and bring unity in this important and long standing push to remove caste discrimination.

We welcome anyone who can contribute to this work and wish to a difference in the many lives of affected by the evils of caste discrimination. We already have made quite a lot of progress in our short.

Who we are

- The Anti Caste Discrimination Alliance was formed in 2008. It is an independent, non-profit making voluntary organisation registered with the Charity Commission.

Our aims and objectives

ACDA's specific aims and objectives enshrined in its constitution are:

- To monitor and oppose caste discrimination practices or policies, which result in and perpetuate caste prejudice in the UK and abroad

- To raise awareness of caste discrimination and its causes

- To take steps to involve all interested people in uniting against caste discrimination, including but not limited to provision of relevant education to those who need it.

- To plan strategies and help support groups to remove caste discrimination in the UK and elsewhere and work with them to achieve common goals for its eradication

- To provide moral relief through education to those who are victims of Casteism

- To lobby stakeholders, opinion formers and influencers in keeping with these objectives.